My passion for fashion started when I was in high school. Instead of doing my homework and studying, I would teach myself how to create patterns from paper and sew outfits for school the next day. A graduate of the public school system, I knew that I had a passion for something that would eventually give back to the community that supported me as a child.

Now with over 3 decades of experience in the fashion, retail and merchandising industry, I am honored to share my skills and what I have learned through my life and professional experiences with the next generation. My PINC internship program, along with being a board member for Community Helping Schools has become my focus when it comes to giving back.

It has been my honor to be recognized as one of Honolulu’s Most Fashionable Women and the Valerie Joseph Boutique voted the Best Boutique of Honolulu. I spend my free time speaking at special engagements as a keynote and motivational speaker. Furthermore, I have designed a beauty skincare line of all-natural Hawaii coffee body scrubs. For me, the journey of trying new things, exploring the world and helping others has only just begun.

Download: Valerie Joseph's Dossier (High Resolution, 30MB)

Download: Valerie Joseph's Dossier (Compressed, 3MB)



“Fabulous comes in all shapes and sizes,” says Valerie. POSHd is a lifestyle boutique that is filled with unique and modern pieces that are designed for women of all ages. Upon entrance, clients step into the dressing room of every girl's dream and are welcomed with an energy that is positively contagious.

Valerie Joseph Boutique was voted the “Best Women’s Boutique of Honolulu”,  and is noted 1 of 5 “Best Clothing Boutique’s” in the 2014 Honolulu Pulse Awards. This was the inspiration that has helped shape the contemporary lifestyle POSHd boutique.

Life is short, buy cute clothes!